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President’s Message


Section XV President
Prof. Dato’ Dr How Kim Chuan

2017 Officers

Vice President: Dr William Cheung (Hong Kong)
Registrar: Dr John Ling (Hong Kong)
Treasurer: Professor Leung Wai Keung (Hong Kong)
Assistant Treasurer: Dr Loh Kai Woh (Singapore)
Editor: Professor Arshad Malik (Pakistan)

Regent of Bangladesh: Professor Mostaque H Sattar
Regent of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia: Prof Mohd Ibrahim (Malaysia)
Regent of Cambodia: Prof Someth Hong
Regent of Hong Kong & Macau: Dr John Ling
Regent of Pakistan & Afghanistan: Professor Arshad Malik
Regent of Singapore: Dr Phua TC
Regent of Thailand & Laos: Professor Prathip Phantumvanit
Regent of Vietnam: A/Professor Ngo Thi Quynh Lan

Fellowship Credential Committee Chairman: Professor Mohd Ibrahim (Malaysia)
Finance Committee Chairman: Professor Leung Wai Keung (Hong Kong)
Humanitarian Committee Chairman: Professor Chu Chun Hung (Hong Kong)
Education Committee: Dr Loh Kai Woh (Singapore)
Membership Support Committee Chairman: Dato’ Dr How Kim Chuan

Contact information:
64 Jalan Telawi
Bangsar Baru
Kuala Lumpur 59100
Tel: +60 3 22845529
Facebook: icdsectionxv

President’s Message

Section XV was officially installed by President Rajesh Chandna, President Elect Dr Clive Ross, Secretary General Dr John Hinterman as autonomous Section on 7 Oct 2017 in Malaysia during the 4th ICD Section XV Conference in Kuala Lumpur at University Technology Malaysia.

Section XV evolves from Section XV Asia Sector, comprises Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Macau, Afghanistan. The Section was formally chartered by President Dr Rajesh Chandna, President Elect Dr Clive Ross, Secretary General Dr John Hinterman on 7 October 2017
Section XV evolved from Section XX Asia and was formally approved by the International Council.

Section XV is now formally registered in Singapore under the Society Act for International Organization.

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.
-Vince Lombardi”

Without the concerted efforts of all, this would not be possible

The Challenges of Section XV

We are comprised of 13 countries spreading a large part of geographical area in Aisa with diverse with diverse culture, language and religions. Communications and admisntration is a real challenge.

Secondly, we started from zero in financial resources and obtained our financial resources through contributions from Council members as well as organizing conferences.
Thirdly, we inherited a sizeable of dormant fellows who ceased to pay subscription dues and our mission is to reactivate their membership.

The Main Focus of Section XV in 2018

A. Membership centered approach
1. Membership growth – we target to grow our membership at 20% a year from each regions
2. Membership reactivation – we target to implement a membership reactivation program to bring back dormant fellows to contribute to ICD again
3. Membership benefits program – we set up a Membership Liaison Committee tasked to work on benefits and privileges of Fellows
4. Membership volunteerism – through our ICD Global Congress in Macau and Humanitarian project in Madagascar, we hope to inculcate spirit of volunteerism in ICD

B. Education centered Approach
1. Annual Section Congress – We plan to organize an Annual Section Conference and Council meeting. This is to offer Continuing education platform for fellows and also networking for fellows on an annual basis in different countries within Section XV. Our upcoming Congress in Macau is a promising Congress.
2. Annual Region Congress – Each component Region is tasked to organized annual conference to improve fellowship education and networking.

C. Humanitarian centered approach
We planned a concerted Section effort on Humanitarian project. In 2018, we planned to collaborate with our Diamond sponsor Modern Dental Group to work on a humanitarian project in Madagascar and we hope to report more on this project in due time.

D. Achieving financial surplus
– As a new Section , we have no financial income sources and hence we have to explore our income from the contributions of Councilors and Regents and subscription dues collections. This is by no means sustainable and we now plan to raise funds through organizing activities and seek industrial support. We plan to achieve 80% revenue from activities and 20% from membership subscription. we shall endeavor to achieve 20% annual surplus growth for the first 5 years.
1. Self-sufficiency in every project
2. Prudent budget planning before launching any project
3. Industrial friendly to achieve win-win situation

E. International Induction Ceremony

We plan to organize annual Induction ceremony tag along with our Section Congress targeting at growth rate of 15-20% . We have setup a Fellowship Credential Committee scrutinizing the eligibility of new Fellows to ensure that we maintain the honour and dignity of fellows.

Upcoming Activities
ICD Section XV and XIII International Scientific Congress and Induction Ceremony
Venue: Macau Conrad Hotel Convention Centre
Date: 19-21 June 2018
This is the first Conjoint Congress between Section XIII and XV, we anticipate a turn up of more than 1000 delegates and we plan to organized at a grand Induction ceremony of 250 Inductees.
This Congress also invites more than 12 world class speakers and simultaneous translations, we have so far received encouraging support from the traders as well as fellows.
This Congress signifies an important watershed for Section XV as we are now an autonomous Section and we are pooling all our resources to organize this historic Congress. This is pivotal to our success as a confident and prospective Section.

We would like to invite all Section leaders and fellows to attend this Congress as a sign of support for our humble newly formed Section.

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